Breakwater provides expert witness testimony and consulting services for environmental matters, including Superfund matters.  Breakwater professionals have experience at over 150 hazardous waste sites delivering on-going project support, resolving disputes, and providing litigation support to our clients engaged in environmental disputes.  Our professionals offer services in the areas of consulting, cost accounting, the allocation of cleanup costs and damages, identifying potentially responsible parties, reviewing site activities, determining compliance with the National Contingency Plan, serving as site accountant, and insurance recovery.      

Breakwater professionals have worked for various stakeholders and their legal counsel on a large variety of Superfund matters.  Our professionals leverage their experience in developing claims and resolving disputes to provide valuable insight into the potential economic risks facing potentially responsible parties, landowners, operators, contractors, transporters, and insurance companies during investigation and remediation of a hazardous waste site.

The Breakwater team includes accounting, financial, engineering, construction, and cost allocation professionals.  Breakwater economic damages experts have provided testimony for complex environmental matters in federal and state courts as well as at arbitration. Breakwater professionals have also assisted with preparing analyses for settlement negotiations and mediations. 

Services Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  • Contribution and Divisibility Analysis
  • Cost Accounting Analysis
  • Cost and Schedule Monitoring
  • Data Management
  • Environmental Cost Allocation Modeling
  • Expert Testimony
  • Insurance Recovery
  • Potential Responsible Party (PRP) Financial Viability Analysis
  • Potential Responsible Party (PRP) Group and Remediation Trust Accounting
  • Potential Responsible Party (PRP) Identification and Investigation
  • Remediation Invoice Review and Approval
  • Reviewing Costs for Compliance with the National Contingency Plan (NCP)
  • Site Accountant

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